| Covid-19 wrap | Brazil leads daily virus deaths, Montenegro first corona-free European country

Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis.

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Brazil leads daily virus deaths for fifth straight day

Brazil reported the
highest daily Covid-19 death toll in the world on Tuesday with 1 039 people
killed, the fifth straight day the country has topped the list.

Latin America’s
largest country, which has emerged as a new epicentre in the coronavirus pandemic,
has seen its daily death toll surge past that of the United States, the
hardest-hit country so far.

Brazil has now
confirmed a total of 24 512 deaths, according to health ministry figures.

Experts say
under-testing means the real number is probably much higher.

With a population
of 210 million people, Brazil has recorded 391 222 infections, second only to
the US, which has confirmed more than 1.68 million.


US toll of new virus deaths under 700 for third day
straight: tracker  

The United States
has posted a toll of less than 700 new coronavirus deaths for the third day in
a row, the Johns Hopkins University tracker said Tuesday.

A total of 657
people have died in the past 24 hours as of 00:30 GMT, the
Baltimore-based institution said.

The overall death
toll is now 98 875, and the number of cases of infection stands at more than
1.68 million, it said.

Both are the
highest anywhere in the world.


Peru reports record daily surge in virus cases     

Peru on Tuesday
recorded nearly 5 800 new cases of the coronavirus, its highest 24-hour surge,
bringing the number of people infected in the country to almost 130 000, the
health ministry said.

The news follows
concern expressed by the Pan American Health Organisation over the accelerating
number of cases in the country, along with those of neighbouring Chile and

The health ministry
said 5 772 new cases had been confirmed in the previous 24 hours, bringing the
overall number to 129 751.

It said 3 780
people had died from the disease in the country since the first case was
detected in early March.

Peru has the
second-highest number of cases in Latin America after Brazil.


‘Stop partying’, LA
police warn Hollywood Hills neighbourhood 

Authorities in Los
Angeles have warned residents of the city’s Hollywood Hills neighbourhood to
tone down their house parties which have become a major problem during the
global coronavirus pandemic.

The issue has
become so bad that police and the prosecutor’s office released a video on
Tuesday warning that action will be taken to deal with the large gatherings,
which are prohibited under the city’s Safer at Home orders issued in the wake
of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The three officers
who spoke in the video said the parties have become “a major concern”
because of loud music, “loud screaming voices … at 3 am” and
traffic congestion in narrow streets.

One officer said
homeowners can receive a citation or face criminal prosecution which can land
them in jail for up to six months, even if they are not present.

Police said that
one of the largest parties took place 16 May when officers responding to a
complaint found 100 people partying at a short-term rental apparently reserved
for the occasion.

While there,
officers heard a gunshot and found one of the party goers with a self-inflicted
wound to his groin area, police said.

Los Angeles’s
stay-at-home order was issued in March as the pandemic spread throughout the
United States.


Montenegro woos
tourists to Europe’s ‘corona-free’ corner 

Less than two
months after detecting its first infection, Montenegro is the first country in
Europe to declare itself coronavirus-free, a success story the tiny country
hopes will lure tourists to its dazzling Adriatic coast this summer.

For weeks hotel staff
have been raking empty beaches as the pandemic kept away visitors who would
normally be arriving by plane, cruise ship and car this time of year.

But finally, there
is a sliver of hope after Montenegro announced it no longer has any active
cases of Covid-19.

While tour agencies
are still expecting a tough season, there is hope this sterling health record
will soften the blow on an industry that accounts for more than a fifth of GDP
and 19% of the workforce.


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