Malaysian Church: ‘We need leaders who truly caring for a people’

'Choose leaders who truly caring for a people' - Rev. Julian Leow, Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur (Flickr/CC/John Ragai)
‘Choose leaders who truly caring for a people’ – Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur Julian Leow (Flickr/CC/John Ragai)

For a initial time in 6 decades, a Church in Malaysia has emphatically come out in support for a change of government.

On 24 Apr a Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Malaysia released a farming minute propelling Christians to “make your opinion count for a common good of a nation”. Some devout ministers are creation identical statements.

“We need to select leaders who truly caring for a rakyat [people], foster probity and equality, mount adult for beliefs with firmness and work for a common good of adults and essay to build a cohesive, agreeable and moneyed nation,” pronounced a letter, sealed by Most Rev. Julian Leow, a Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur.

The republic goes to a polls on 9 May. Campaign rallies have begun in earnest.

The Islamic celebration PAS, formerly aligned with a opposition, has now assimilated a statute National Front bloc led by a United Malays National Organisation, or UMNO.

The National Front has ruled a republic given Independence in 1957. UMNO, a buttress of a coalition, has mislaid traction among civic Malay-Muslims.

Prime Minister and UMNO personality Najib Abdul Razak faces allegations of corruption. American authorities explain some-more than $4 billion was wasted and during slightest $700 million found a approach into his personal account.

“There is no purify government, nor governance; no purify elections; no purify institutions; no purify law enforcement; no purify supervision of financial and resources; no clean, creditable leaders”

The allegations have severely eroded support for UMNO and swayed a former leader, Premier Mahathir Mohamad, to lapse to politics during a age of 92 to replace UMNO from power.

To sojourn in power, UMNO and Najib have associated with PAS, once a good antithesis for a Malay-Muslim opinion in a farming heartland. The aim is to win support from PAS electorate in lapse for enacting Sharia-compliant policies.

In return, PAS wants UMNO to continue a decades-long aspiration to spin a multi-ethnic, multi-religious republic of 32 million people into an Islamic state.

PAS seeks to rouse Sharia (Islamic law) to a equal or higher of polite courts, and levy rough hudud punishments, that under Islam are deliberate to be mandated by God. Last year PAS swayed supervision authorities to anathema drink festivals in a collateral Kuala Lumpur, as ethanol is widely deliberate banned underneath Islam.

Supporters of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak's UMNO party, Apr 2018 (Umno-online)
Supporters of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak’s UMNO party, Apr 2018 (Umno-online)

Arrayed opposite a PAS-UMNO multiple is a cluster of antithesis parties in a Alliance of Hope, or Pakatan Harapan. The bloc comprises Mahathir’s new celebration of former UMNO members that has been refused accede to debate underneath a possess ensign and symbol; a generally Chinese-dominated Democratic Action Party; a People’s Justice Party led by a mother of a former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim; and other teenager players.

Anwar Ibrahim has been in jail given 2015, when a sodomy self-assurance opposite him was upheld. Human rights groups and general jurists called his self-assurance politically motivated.


Religion is always nearby a aspect of Malaysian politics. The structure defines racial Malays as Muslims, withdrawal Malays with no choice though to brand as Muslim. Conversion to Christianity is opposite a law in roughly all states, as is evangelism among Malay Muslims. The right of Christians to use a word “Allah” in anxiety to God is a doubt being debated in a courts.

Stepping into a fray, a Church has taken stands opposite restrictions on press leisure – including a anathema on supposed “fake news” – and UMNO’s miss of transparency. Earlier in April, a Right Rev. Bernard Paul, Bishop of a Diocese of Malacca and Johor, Malaysia’s dual southerly states, distributed circulars to his group propelling them to urge for God’s involvement and for change in “our dear country”.

“Some call this a Second Independence Movement of a nation,” Paul’s round read. “Once we liberated ourselves from a colonial rule; now we are labouring to giveaway ourselves from oppressive, demoralising ‘deadwoods’, who distortion to themselves, that they ‘mendahulukan rakyat’ [put a people first].”

“There is no purify government, nor governance; no purify elections; no purify institutions; no purify law enforcement; no purify supervision of financial and resources; no clean, creditable leaders,”  Paul said, adding a call for thousands of Malaysians to offer as check watchers during a arriving election.

The interest has had an effect, pronounced K.J. John, authority of a Oriental Hearts and Minds Study Institute.

“This time a Church is entirely intent and involved, generally as Polling and Counting Agents,” he said. “I went for one training programme and there were about 400-plus volunteers.”

The call for check monitors went out on 22 Apr from a pulpit of many churches. “The government’s really well-planned and bulldozed gerrymandering practice has slanted a change massively in a statute government’s favour, so that even a supposed antithesis ‘safe seats’ with good majorities could be lost,” a reverend during an devout church said.

The preacher, who asked not to be named, urged Christians to practice their right to vote, and in a approach interest for a antithesis coalition, speedy a opinion for a Alliance of Hope.

“Until then, do fast, urge and widespread a word,” he said. “Get each authorised voter to check and go out to opinion for a change that we all need … a improved Malaysia with a destiny for all. God magnify Malaysia.”

The devout Tower of Incense Church has committed to urge each Tuesday-Friday, from noon until 6pm, until a 9 May election. It has committed to be partial of Prayer United Malaysia’s 72 Hours Prayer Chain, headed by Pastor Teo Kwee Keng, a renouned speaker.


It’s singular for a Church to turn pithy critique during a government, and it has been noticed. Bishop Paul has come underneath conflict for suggesting that a supervision is hurtful and oppressive. The personality of PAS, Abdul Hadi Awang, indicted Paul of swelling “falsehood and evil”. He pronounced a bishop’s “deadwoods” acknowledgement is an try to “side-line Islam from a Federal Constitution and slur a rulers who are a conduct of sacrament and were likened to deadwood”.

Hadi also claimed a Church stable a British colonial bequest and physical parties such as a Democratic Action Party, and indicted a latter of wanting to “lower a position of Islam and break a establishment of a inherent monarchy”.

He pronounced if Christian priests wanted to be concerned in politics they should run in a elections. “If a PAS ulama [clergy] in their robes and turban can enter a electoral margin to turn candidates, afterwards we plea [Christians] to also burst into a domestic margin with their selected celebration but a need to take off their clergyman robes,” he said.

Acting on a complaint, military are questioning either a bishop’s actions volume to mutiny for propelling Christians to save a republic from “oppressive rule”. Malay domestic researcher Dr. Kamarul Zaman Yusoff used amicable media to credit a Church of being “overtly political”.

Still, Malaysians of all creed and colour in new years have marched in a streets of Kuala Lumpur to direct good governance and satisfactory elections underneath a ensign of Bersih, or Clean. Some of a criticism marches incited aroused as pro-government supporters staged antithesis rallies and military dismissed rip gas and H2O cannons during marchers. Christian leaders had attended a travel protests and several churches in Kuala Lumpur non-stop their doors as places of retreat to a rallygoers.

The Malaysian diaspora has hold a possess Bersih rallies in 41 cities around a world, from Australia to a United States. In March, a Council of Churches Malaysia organized a Pilgrimage towards Justice and Peace oneness eventuality to residence a concerns of Malaysian Christians during a time of augmenting domestic tragedy and polarisation of a races.

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