First father brutally killed a week after wedding; 5 years on, Kenyan re-marries

Eight days after their wedding, Damaris’ husband, Jackson, was brutally killed. Five years later, she is marrying again. (Photo: Open Doors International)

Five years after a heartless genocide of her initial husband, Kenyan Damaris Kioko remarried in Mombasa currently (29 July).

Jackson Kioko was killed in May 2012 in a Jomvu area of Mombasa, usually a week after their marriage in coastal Kenya. “We had a really charming wedding. People pronounced that they had never seen such a good wedding,” Damaris recalls.

The newlyweds spent 3 days honeymooning in a coastal city of Malindi, afterwards returned to Mombasa.

But then, usually a week after a wedding, Jackson’s initial day behind during work, Damaris’ father left a residence never to return.

Jackson, partner priest of Melchizedek Church in Mombasa, with Benjamin Juma, priest of Nyali Baptist Church, started formulation an evangelistic event. When Jackson did not come home on a dusk of 7 May, Damaris attempted to phone him though couldn’t get through.

“I could not sleep,” she said. “I was wondering what happened. Around 10pm, 4 of 5 people from a church came to a house. Gladys Juma, Ben’s wife, told me she had perceived a call from a foreigner who pronounced that while a husbands were perplexing to evangelise, people had started violence them. She told me they had been taken to hospital.”

Pieces of clothes

The subsequent morning she was told that Jackson had died. An indignant host had lured a dual group into a trap, afterwards killed them and set their bodies on fire. “I listened that their bodies were so burnt that we could not even tell them apart. The pieces of garments helped to brand them. we had no strength to go to a mortuary. we was really helpless, we could not even stand,” Damaris said.

“Our gifts are still total and we have not even perceived a photos that we took during a wedding,” she pronounced in an talk with inhabitant journal the Daily Nation shortly after Jackson’s murder.

In a same interview, she called for a consummate review into a murders, saying: “I have so many questions given we was not sensitive about a genocide of my father on time. It is usually today, some-more than 24 hours after his death, that a comparison church member sensitive me.”

Police in Mombasa questioned 5 people in tie with a lynching of a dual pastors and “launched a manhunt for a witchdoctor in a area who was pronounced to have invited a dual clergymen for prayers during his home”, All Africa reported during a time.

According to a Daily Nation, “the dual were lynched when they went to a home of Mr Mutana Nyandua, a Muslim pronounced to have recently converted to Christianity. But Mrs Mapenzi Abdalla, a relations of Mr Nyandua, denied this, observant all family members were Muslims and zero had converted”.

Other opposing reports flush in a weeks after, one observant that a host who burnt a dual pastors to genocide claimed that they were thieves; another that “initially military claimed they were criminals, though after pronounced it was a box of mistaken temperament after substantiating that they were assembly church members in a area”.


“After we had buried Jackson in his home city and we returned to Mombasa, we spent many, really many, excited nights,” Damaris recalls. “I was alone and we couldn’t run from reality. Never before had we faced such a formidable situation. we could do nothing. we could not even pray. we usually existed.

“I felt God had secluded me. ‘How could God concede this to occur to me?’, we thought. ‘I’ve been in a church for all this time. Why can God concede this to occur to me’?”

“Thankfully, one crony reminded me that as a Christian we don’t have to weep like somebody who has no hope. That’s when we remembered I’m a child of God and that He says He has good things for me and good thoughts about my life and that all works together for good. That’s when we started gaining strength again”.

Not lost

Eventually, as time changed on and friends changed away, Damaris started to feel isolated. “You go by a time when we feel everybody has deserted you. You feel that a whole universe is opposite you,” she said.

Through an beginning of a gift Open Doors, Damaris started receiving many letters from people from all over a world: “They came from Germany, Norway, Canada, India… we realised there were people who were endangered about me,” she said.

Damaris practical for a pursuit during another church and got it. She says she is beholden for “new beginnings” on many opposite fronts – not slightest with a fact that, after carrying to postpone her second marriage in 2014 due to financial constraints, she and her fiancée Steve can now finally marry.

Now, when Damaris looks during cinema of Jackson, she says “the pain is not as heated as it used to be”.

“I still have a memory that comes afresh, though it’s not as painful,” she says. “There is no doubt in my mind that Jackson is with a Lord and I’m really certain that we shall accommodate again.”

She has continued as a musician and singer, something in that Jackson had always speedy her. And carrying had a knowledge of being speedy by people, she has expelled her second CD.

The title, Kwango Kingine (New Level), sums adult how she has come by years of grieving. “It has been a tough time, though God strengthened me and gave me friends who prayed for and speedy me from all over a world. My faith is now stronger and larger than it was,” she says.

With them, Damaris is anticipating to inspire others. “I wish to inspire people who are going by fire, to mount organisation and offer God, and He will assistance them to reanimate others,” she says.

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