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Dagestan church assailant related to belligerent group, as doubtful favourite emerges

  • February 23, 2018
In Dagestan’s multinational population, there has been an boost in Orthodoxy, domestic analysts suggest. (World Watch Monitor)
In Dagestan’s multinational population, there has been a recent increase in Orthodoxy (World Watch Monitor)

Three people have been arrested in tie with a gun conflict during a Russian Orthodox Church in Kizlyar, Dagestan, final Sunday (18 February), in that 5 people died and 5 others were injured.

One of those arrested, Magometrasul Gadjiev, 19, complicated during a same Muslim devout seminary as a attacker, Khalil Khalilov, Russian TV channel Dodzd reports.

Khalilov was a proprietor of a encampment in Dagestan’s Tarumovsky district, only north of Kizlyar. In Oct 2017, dual militants from another encampment in a same district were killed by a authorities after they were overheard congratulating any other on murdering one policeman and injuring another in Kizlyar district, points out Russian journal Moskovsky Komsomolets.

There is conjecture that Islamic extremists have a bottom in Tarumovsky district, and use it to supply people with apparatus to lift out attacks in circuitously towns and villages. Kizlyar is a largest city in a area.

After Khalilov was killed, a video was found on his phone, in that he is sitting on a building in a black facade and reading out an promise of devotion to a Islamic State group. He also mentions a name of a group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. There is a gun and a blade nearby him and a IS dwindle is unresolved on a wall.

However, some domestic analysts in a North Caucasus have suggested a genuine ground of a conflict was to means multiplication in Kizlyar’s multinational population, holding into comment a recent increase in Orthodoxy in a segment and that churches are now being improved cared for by a government.

Other analysts contend a conflict could have been an try to chase Vladimir Vasiliev, a new Dagestani president.

One of a initial victims of a conflict was Irina Melkomova, aged around 60, a pauper during a church. When she saw Khalilov shooting, she started screaming and violence him with her bags, perplexing not to let him into a church, a internal source told World Watch Monitor. It cost her her life though gave time for those inside a church, around 30 people, to close a church door. A internal clergyman after called her a “hero”.

Another plant was a deaconess of a church, Nadejda Terliyan, 45, who was a organiser of pilgrimages for church members.

Three military officers, who were bleeding as they shot Khalilov, are still in a hospital.

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