Coptic mother’s anguish during mishap of son who saw Islamists kill his father

One year ago Hanaa, a 42-year-old Egyptian mom of four, took a phonecall that altered her and her family’s life forever: her son called to contend he and his hermit had usually seen their father shot by Islamist militants.

On 26 May 2017 a procession of Copts was travelling to a Monastery of St. Samuel in Minya, 170 miles (270km) south of Cairo, to applaud Ascension Day. Among them were Ayad and his sons, Marco (14) and Mina (10).

One year on: Mina,10, (left) with Marco, are carrying to come to terms with carrying seen their father killed by Islamic militants. Photo: Open Doors International

“I remember it was a really prohibited day, so my father and dual sons left early for work in a monastery. They were operative on a church bells there,” remembers 42-year-old mother-of-four, Hanaa.

Their procession was stopped on a dried highway by 8 to 10 gunmen. They systematic a Copt group to give adult their valuables, afterwards all, who would not confess Islam, were shot. Some 28 Copts were killed. The boys were spared “to tell a story”.

“I was carrying breakfast with my daughters when a phone rang,” Hanaa continues. “It was my son job from his father’s phone. He was crying. He told me they had been pounded and that his father was in a vicious condition.”

“I went as shortly as we could, together with some family. The ambulance was late, so my nephew Ehab put Ayad in a behind of his minivan. My father was dripping in blood, it was a terrible sight. On a approach to sanatorium Ayad was eliminated to a ambulance, yet it was too late: he died on a way.”

Hanaa’s grief was immeasurably deep. But, she said, “along a approach God comforted me by a many visits of priests and people who stood with me.”

The support was also good for her 14-year-old son, Marco. Hanaa says he was speedy by it, and has been really dauntless like his late father. He is doing good during school, she says. “[He has] started to go to a nunnery to make church bells in his father’s place. He has a clever attribute with God. He always goes to church, generally given his father’s death.”

But she worries for Mina. “My large regard is for my youngest son, Mina,” Hanaa admits. “This occurrence has had a outrageous disastrous impact on him. He’s always afraid, generally to go anywhere on his own, even to a bathroom. He also can’t nap alone, so sleeps subsequent to me.”

The conditions for Copts in Upper Egypt has turn increasingly difficult. Islamic State expelled a promotion video in Feb final year, vowing to clean out Egypt’s Coptic Christians and “liberate Cairo”.

Egyptian Christians have prolonged complained that a supervision does not take their confidence concerns seriously. For their part, officials censure aroused incidents on foreign-influenced extremists.

But Hanaa said: “Even yet we are really most persecuted here in Upper Egypt, we adore a Muslim neighbours. Because a sacrament is formed on adore and a God is a God of love. Having gifted this oppressive harm myself hasn’t altered my view: we still urge for Muslims and adore them. Our Lord is stronger than their persecution.”

Nonetheless, a detriment of her father is real. “Ayad wasn’t usually my husband. He was my crony and a hermit and a father to me. He was all for me in this life. He was really kind and honest, a male of God, and we am unapproachable he stood by his faith until his final breath. If he could contend something to his attackers, we consider he’d say: ‘I pardon we and urge that God forgives you, touches your hearts and open your blind eyes to see His way.’ And we would entirely determine with him.”

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