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Celebrities extend condolences over Ani Yudhoyono’s death

  • June 01, 2019

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Scores of homeland celebrities expressed grief over the passing away of First Lady of the Republic of Indonesia during the 2004-2014 period Ani Yudhoyono on Saturday.

Singer Rossa uploaded a picture of Mrs Ani Yudhoyono carrying several prayers on her Instagram page.

The “Tegar” singer remarked that Mrs Ani was a humble and good mother of the nation, worthy of being a role model for all, including herself.

“I have many memories with her, and of course, several aspects of her personality that can serve as examples for all. May God give her the best place, and hopefully, your  charity and smile during life become a light in the grave,” the singer wrote.

Actor Vino G. Bastian, through his Twitter account, also extended condolences and prayed that the late First Lady was “khusnul khotimah” and that the families have the strength and fortitude to deal with this loss.

“Innaa lillaah wa innaa ilaihi raji’un. Deeply sorry for the passing away of Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono. Allahumma ighfir lahaa warhamhaa wa’afihaa wa’fu anhaa,” Vino wrote.

In the meantime, writer Dewi Lestari and comedian  Ernest Prakasa also took to Twitter to express their sorrow.

“Rest in peace Mrs Ani Yudhoyono,” Ernest wrote.

“Deeply grieving the departure of Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono. Hopefully, Pak @SBYudhoyono and family will be granted the fortitude to deal with this loss. Ibu rest in peace,” Dewi Lestari stated on her Twitter account @deelestari.

Ani Yudhoyono died of blood cancer after undergoing treatment in Singapore.
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