Domain Registration | Video shows Asian woman in New York being attacked with hammer after being told to take off her mask

  • May 04, 2021

  • NYPD shared a video of an Asian woman being attacked by a person with a hammer.
  • Police said the person approached two Asian women and demanded that they take off their masks.
  • NYPD said the person then hit one of them “in the head with a hammer causing a laceration.”
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The New York Police Department released footage of an Asian woman being attacked by a person who demanded the she take off her face mask.

The NYPD’s hate crimes division said that two unnamed Asian women, aged 31 and 29, were walking at around 8:40 p.m. on Sunday when an unidentified person approached them.

It said the person then “demanded they remove their masks and then struck the 31-year-old female in the head with a hammer causing a laceration.”

The NYPD shared video of the attack:

The victim spoke to ABC 7 news, where she was only identified as Theresa.

She said she tried to defend herself, and the attack left her with her head bleeding.

She said a woman approached her: “She was talking to herself, like talking to a wall, I thought maybe she was drunk or something, so we just wanted to pass through her quickly and when I passed through her, she saw us and said ‘Take off your f—-ing mask,’ which is shocking.”

“Suddenly I felt my head get hit by something.”

She was then taken to the hospital, ABC 7 reported.

It was unclear if the women were targeted because of their race.

The NYPD has asked people who have information to contact the department.

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