Brawn: Do we need Friday running?

Formula 1 could contend farewell to Friday practices in foster of some-more grands prix; that’s according to Ross Brawn.

Installed as Formula 1’s sporting trainer by Liberty Media, Brawn is looking during several ways of creation a competition some-more appealing to teams.

One emanate that many teams face is income and a ever-increasing cost of competing in F1.

Liberty Media could try shortening that by cancelling Friday practices, that would also give them some space to supplement some-more races.

“The teams have logistical issues a some-more races we add,” Brawn told Forbes.

“One of a things we are doing is looking during a format of a competition weekend to see if we need to change that to make it logistically easier for them to do some-more races.

“So we have got a really open mind about how we go forward.

“I consider a core competition is still, for me personally, really important. 

“We are not looking during changing a core event, though a open question, do we need Friday running? 

“Because if we didn’t have Friday running, we could do some-more races since logistically it is improved for a teams. 

“But Friday using is critical for a promoters and a broadcasters. How do we find a right solution?”

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