BI opens money exchange service in Boyolali

Boyolali (ANTARA) – The Bank Indonesia Representative Office in Surakarta invited five banks to open a mobile cash service to provide an exchange service of the rupiah for the public to get small change, to be listed in the directory of the Boyolali District Secretary on Monday.

According to Assistant Manager of BI’s representative office Andi Rahmat, the service for exchanging the rupiah banknotes into smaller change includes the use of a mobile cash car traveling to five banks, namely Bank Jateng Boyolali, BRI, BNI, Bank Mandiri, and BPR Guna Daya Boyolali.

Andi Rahmat said that the BI Representative Office in Surakarta prepares small denominations of Rp20,000 to Rp2,000, though the exchange for this May 20th is centered on the Boyolali District Government office.

“We serve around 600 people, so one bank prepares 100 packages that have a maximum exchange of Rp4.4 million per person,” he said.

Also, the estimated value of the rupiah banknotes needs ahead of this year’s Eid al-Fitr increased, compared to 2018, by some three percent. In 2018, new money needs ranged from Rp 5.2 trillion, while this year it increased to Rp 5.4 trillion.

“We prepared Rp5.5 trillion in 2018, but this year it will increase by some three percent to Rp5.4 trillion. For people who need fractions of new money for Idul Fitri, they can go to exchange points in Boyolali on Tuesday and Thursday until the 28th of May,” he said.

Nevertheless, BI Surakarta recommends that many exchange counters be provided so that the public can exchange money at designated counters or banks, and do not exchange money on the roadside.

Those people who receive new money exchange services only show their identity cards as proof to match the identity of the exchanger.

In principle, the amount of money exchanged is not limited, but Surakarta BI sets a maximum of Rp4.4 million per person. If more money is needed, the public can also exchange at Vastenburg Fortress, Solo, on May 27-29.

Yuan Widiastuti, one of the residents of Boyolali, admitted that he was helped by the money exchange service, as he does not need to bother exchanging at a far away bank.

“The money exchange service by BI is quite helpful for the Boyolali community,” he said.

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