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Batam offers ring solar eclipse tourism package

Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA) – Government of Riau Island’s Batam City, along with local tourism business operators, offer leisure packages with ring solar eclipse as the center of the program for domestic and international visitors.

“We have passed the message along to businesses beginning last year, and they have created packages that will be offered to foreign tourists,” said Head of Batam City Cultural and Tourism Office, Ardiwinata, in Batam, Sunday.

The packages, he said, include accommodations and amenities in the Galang island, which is said as the best location to witness the ring solar eclipse on December 26, 2019.

He further said that the natural phenomenon can be seen from a number of different spots, but the best view is from the Galang Island around the area of Jembatan V, for that reason, his office offer packages that would serve the best view to visitors.

“It can possibly be seen from Singapore as well, but the best view of the ring solar eclipse will be from Galang¬†Island,” he said.

Aside from Galang Island, viewing events are also carried out around the Dendang Melayu tourism area, Jembatan I and the Engku Putri Plain.

“The government, together with Batan, is also holding a workshop, to provide education to the public about what a ring solar eclipse is. This is an event that occurs only once every 365 years,” he added.

The workshop is intended for students, however, travelers that are interested are welcome to participate in the event.

The Office Head could not immediately confirm the ring solar eclipse tour packages that have been sold abroad, but he is optimistic that the rare event will attract the visits of foreign tourists.

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