Bantul to rise salt processing, prolongation center

Bantul, Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) – The Bantul District Office of Agriculture, Food, Marine, and Fisheries in a Yogyakarta Special Region will rise a salt estimate and prolongation center, according to a bureau arch Pulung Haryadi.

“Following a stream state of nonesuch of salt and a mountainous prices, we are now formulation to rise a salt estimate and prolongation core along a south seashore area,” Haryadi remarked here on Thursday.

He pronounced a salt estimate and prolongation core will be set adult in a Samas coastal area as a follow-up of a salt-making hearing conducted by a internal coastal groups.

“In a past, a salt creation hearing was conducted in a Samas area, though a workers were after some-more meddlesome in a tourism sector, so a hearing was discontinued,” Haryadi revealed.

He remarkable that in sequence to rise a salt estimate core in Bantul, his bureau has concurrent with a Yogyakarta provincial supervision by a Marine and Fisheries Office.(*)

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