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Asita hopes Chinese tourists can access cultural tourism

Solo, C Java (ANTARA) – The Association of Indonesian Travel Companies (Asita) has expressed a hope that Chinese tourists who come to Solo, Central Java Province,  by chartered flight will be able to access local cultural tourism.
“In Solo, we hope that tourists will visit cultural centers such as Pura Mangkunegaran, Surakarta Palace, Keris Museum, and Triwindu Market,” said Deputy Chair of Central Java Asita Daryono in Solo Thursday.

In addition, it also requires tourists to ride the Jaladara steam train which has been one of the icons of Solo City.

“This is also on the advice of the mayor. Possibly getting into the Jaladara steam train on July 15,” he said.

Regarding the visit, on Thursday, July 11, 170 Chinese tourists who previously visited Bali by using regular aircraft traveled to Solo. In accordance with the plan, tourists who travel as families can stay in Solo for three nights.

“For this trip, use the regular Citilink route and the Kunming-Denpasar route, which is routinely two to three times a week. This is why they use regular flights to visit Solo. We understand it to be the ‘soft opening’ for the arrival of Chinese guests,” he said.

Furthermore, the “grand opening” will be held on August 1, where there will be direct flights from Kunming to Solo.

He hoped that the presence of direct Chinese flights to Solo can boost Solo-Jogja tourist visits which are currently packaged in a “single destination”.

“China has a population of 1.4 billion, of which 200 million have the potential to travel. In the past, this market was only targeted by a few countries, now by hundreds of countries including Indonesia,” he said.

Especially in Indonesia, Chinese tourists are more familiar with Bali than other regions such as Solo, he said.

“It turns out that only after being marketed by friends in China, Borobudur and Solo became popular. Now that they know, these tourists are ‘hanging out’ there. It has the potential to attract thousands. That is why there will be direct China-Solo flights,” he said.  


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