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ACT opens aid for Palestinians

Makassar (ANTARA) – A humanitarian organization of the Indonesia Volunteer Community’s Quick Response Action, locally known as MRI-ACT, has opened aid donations for Palestinians reeling under the impact of war.

Head of the South Sulawesi branch of ACT Faisal Agunisman noted here on Monday that the Palestinian Care donation was opened to direct aid to war-striken Palestinians.

“Palestinians have, since long, been targeted by attacks launched by the Israeli Jewish army and have consequently led a restless existence,” he pointed out.

Agunisman noted that Indonesians too were highly concerned over the humanitarian crisis afflicting the Palestinians. Hence, community donation assistance is deemed crucial for assisting the Palestinian people in this crisis.

He revealed that South Sulawesi’s ACT branch had opened donations to encourage community assistance than can later be directed to Palestinians.

Other ACT branches in different provinces too have followed suit to collect all possible humanitarian aid.

“All ACT branches are also following the same trend and amassing community donations to be handed to the Palestinian people in dire need of food and other essentials,” he noted.

“Air strikes have again wrecked the eastern part of Gaza, yesterday (May 4), at a time when Muslims were making necessary preparations for the month of Ramadhan,” he stated.

Reports indicated that no less than six buildings of civilians were ravaged, while seven Palestinians lost their lives in the bloody incident.

“Friends, in the midst of our busy schedules in preparing for the first day of fasting, do not forget Gaza; do o’t forget Palestine,” he emphasized.

He called on all Indonesians during the month of Ramadhan to continue to contribute to the Palestinian cause through prayers and support.Close

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