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54,789 earthquake victims lives in 15 shelters

Ternate (ANTARA) – More than 54,789 victims in South Halmahera District, North Maluku, are still living in 15 shelters following a powerful earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter Scale that struck South Halmahera on Sunday, July 14. 
The South Halmahera administration has declared the emergency status for the next seven days.

“Six people died and 131 people injured,” Secretary of North Maluku’s Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Ali Yau, said in a press statement released in North Maluku on Wednesday.

The six people who died after being hit by debris were Saima Mustafa (90), a resident of Nyonyifi Village, Aspar Mukmat (20), a resident of Gane Dalam Village, South East Gane District; Aina Amin (50), a resident of Gane Luar Village, South East Gane Subdistrict; Wiji Siang (60), a resident of Gane Luar Village, South East Gane Subdistrict; Sagaf Girato (50), a resident of Yomen Village, Joronga Subdistrict; and Aisyah Amin (50), a resident of Ranga-Ranga Village. The family of victims will be compensated,” he remarked.

The strong earthquake that rocked South Halmahera District caused serious damage to 963 houses and slight damage to 1,215 houses.

The damaged houses were spread across various villages, including Ranga-Ranga, Gane, Samat, Gaimu, Kuwo, Liaro, Tomara, Tanjung Jare, and Lemo-Lemo.

The earthquake also caused serious damage to 13 public facilities that included six school buildings, two mosques, a church, maternity home, boarding school, a teacher’s house, and a private nursery school.

Hundreds of refugees complained about the lack of supply of food and beverages, especially in the Joronga Islands region. They also need tents, blankets, mats, mineral water, fast food and clothes.

Therefore, the team of the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), Indonesian Military (TNI), National Police (Polri), National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), Emergency Response Unit (Tagana), Indonesian Inter-Population Radio (RAPI), Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and Quick Response Action (ACT) would quickly distribute logistics to the refugee camp in East Bacan subdistrict, Middle East Bacan subdistrict, Gane Dalam subdistrict, East Gane subdistrict and West Gane subdistrict.

Director of Social Protection of Natural Disaster Victim of Social Affairs Ministry Rachmat Koesnadi confirmed that his teams had coordinated with the local government in handling victims through observing the current situation.

“We have sent social protection officers from the government to provide for the needs of victims and collect data of those affected by the earthquake,” Koesnadi stated.

Moreover, the social affairs ministry has deployed North Maluku and South Halmahera emergency response unit (Tagana) to evacuate victims to safety place, distribute logistical assistance, set up public kitchens and provide psychosocial services.  

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