Day: December 17, 2016

Press Release: OJK Wins KPK Award for Best Gratuities Control (Financial Services Authority of Indonesia)

Breaking News: Konpers KPK Terkait OTT Pegawai Pajak published: 22 Nov 2016 views: 2904 Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi, menggelar konpers KPK di kantor KPK, Jl Rasuna Said, Jaksel, Selasa (22/11/2016) perihal penangkapan oknum Direktorat Jenderal Pajak Kementerian Keuangan, terkait kasus dugaan suap dari wajib pajak. Dalam […]

UPDATE 1-Indonesian justice manners taxation freedom law is constitutional

ALEPPO UPDATE 4 12 16 RUSSIA USA AGREEING! published: 04 Dec 2016 views: 20632 Situation refurbish and For once agree?.. , all video’s critique section PLEASE, SHARE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE 4 DAILY VIDEO NEWS!!! *DISCLAIMER* This footage should be noticed as educational. This […]