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2,000ha of educational timberland grown for Rafflesia conservation

Bengkulu (ANTARA News) – As many as 2,000 hectares (ha) of educational timberland managed by Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu (UMB) in Central Bengkulu district, Bengkulu province, was determined as a charge area for a singular Rafflesia flower.

“One of a concentration activities in a educational timberland is to preserve Rafflesia arnoldii, an autochthonous singular flower of a Sumatra regions forest,” Sunaryadi, Director of Educational Forest of UMB, settled here, Friday.

He pronounced a educational timberland located within a stable timberland of Bukit Daun had been postulated a government assent from a Minister of Forestry in 2015.

The campus organisation worked with a Bengkulu Provincial Environment and Forestry Office to map and conduct a educational timberland boundaries.

“We started with mapping, range government and outline of conditions in a forest,” he remarked.

For a charge of Rafflesia flowers, a university cooperated with a Natural Resources Conservation Center of Bengkulu and Lampung, and designed several corner activities, including mapping of Rafflesia arnoldii flower medium in a region.

Sunaryadi settled that a educational timberland located on a limit of Kepahiang and Central Bengkulu districts had partly been converted into a coffee camp area.

“We will initial brand and lift out some activities for a liberation of a area, in suitability with a nomination of a stable forest,” he mentioned.

In a prolonged term, he stressed, a area would be grown to yield eco-tourism services and to turn a investigate area.

Head of a Natural Resources Conservation Center of Bengkulu and Lampung Abu Bakar remarkable that preserving a Rafflesia flowers in a educational timberland area would support a efforts being done to preserve a singular flower Rafflesia, that has been categorized as a stable flora.

“We conclude a efforts done by UMB to rise investigate on Rafflesia arnoldii, since believe about a reproductive ecology of this plant is still lacking,” he observed.

Bakar pronounced a educational timberland area was an essential medium for Rafflesia arnoldii.

Rafflesia arnoldii is one of a 4 forms of Rafflesia flowers that have been identified in a Bengkulus forest.

In further to Rafflesia arnoldii, a Bengkulus timberland is also a medium for Rafflesia bengkuluensis, Rafflesia gadutensis and Rafflesia hasselti.(*)

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