10,001 dancers to theatre saman opening to foster Aceh tourism

Gayo Lues, Aceh (ANTARA News) – A sum of 10,001 dancers will be concerned in a normal “Saman” dance opening hold on Sunday to foster tourism in Gayo Lues, Aceh range in Sumatra.

“This has been partial of Acehs calendar of events as partial of efforts to attract both internal and unfamiliar tourists to revisit Aceh, generally Gayo Lues,” Acehs conduct of tourism service, Reza Fahlevi, settled in a press recover perceived here on Saturday.

He voiced wish that a 10,001 Saman dancers could revitalise a memory of a Aceh people, including a girl of Syech Saman, who have successfully promoted a segment by their best art work.

“The activity is approaching to be means to inspire a people to build a segment as reflected in a enterprising and enterprising stroke of a dance,” he remarked.

Reza hoped that a eventuality would offer as an eventuality to deliver and foster Gayo Lues by amicable media for tourists to visit.

“Tourism programs for visitors to privately watch a dance contingency be supposing as appealing packages, so that they would not usually know and learn a dance from a internal people though also a learn a truth behind all of a dance movements,” he explained.

Gayo Lues district conduct Ibnu Hasyim forked out that a eventuality would be hold to repeat a success done in 2014 involving 5,057 dancers, adding that it will again be available this year in a Indonesia Record Museum.(*)

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