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1.2 thousand climbers applaud Independence Day on Mount Kerinci

Jambi (ANTARA News) – About 1.2 thousand people from opposite tools of Indonesia climbed Mount Kerinci in Jambi range to applaud a 72nd anniversary of Indonesian Independence on Aug 17, an officer said.

“In a past dual days, about 1.2 thousand people have climbed Mount Kerinci. The series has increasing drastically (compared to normal days) due to a movement of Independence Day,” officer of a volcanos R10 movement post, Aprizal, settled here on Thursday.

The climbers started nearing during top volcano in Sumatra Island on Aug 15, he noted.

Aprizal remarked that he was not certain either a climbers would reason a flag-hoisting rite to symbol a Independence Day on a 3,805-meter-high volcano.

“I have not been sensitive of either they would reason a rite there. To be sure, they customarily stand a volcano on Aug 17 to lift a red-and-white flag,” he explained.

Most of a climbers climbed a volcano around movement out during Kersik Tuo village, he added.

Before climbing a volcano, a climbers had their climbing instruments checked for safety, he revealed.

“At this moment, we are going to guard a movement path, with a assistance of my colleagues from a inlet partner village ((KPI) in Kerinci,” stated. (*)

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